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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Animal, No Bitch

Everything is appealing to me about this artist: 

1. S/he goes by the name Animal.

2. S/he was part of the duo Bitch & Animal, that toured the world for ten years, and released three albums on Ani Difranco's label, Righteous Babe Records.

3. S/he identifies as a "transperformative artist." Or, as Outfront Colorado more colorfully states, “Prufrock is a badass bipolar cosmic tranny with a new album written for gender warriors.” [ By the way the "s/he" term is from Animal's website, I would never be so bold to choose that term myself ]

4. S/he is also currently pursuing a PHD in Transformative Studies developing theories around gender variance, creativity and theatrical collaboration.

5. The new solo CD is also available on vinyl.

But the first thing I noticed when I got Animal's solo CD "congratulations; thank you & I'm sorry," was how fresh and inventive it is, with intriguing titles like "Emotional Boner" and "0 + 0 = 0." The CD was released in 2010 and, by the way, was produced by Ani. My two faves though are...well, I'll let you hear them:

Below, the Bitch & Animal CDs: 
"What's That Smell?" (1999)* 
"Eternally Hard" (2001)
"Sour Juice & Rhyme" (2003)

*(which by the way, contains the gem "Drag King Bar")

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