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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nathan Leigh Jones is "Crying Out For Love"

Okay, not sure how I missed the premier of the video "Crying Out For Love" by Aussie singer Nathan Leigh Jones last July, but I want to make amends. The song is from his 2011 CD "Sooner or Later" and they did that song's video in a big way, at a marriage equality rally in Sydney. The lyrics get to the point...and, here's the video.

“Every man and every woman
Black or white or any shade between
Straight or gay, it doesn’t matter
Any faith we do or don’t believe
The one thing that we can’t deny is
Everybody’s crying out for love…”

The entire album is pop heaven, and you can also find plenty of live videos on Youtube to amuse you, and here are some other links...

NLJ Website                  Article on the Video

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Levi Kreis Releases LGBT Charity EP

My current OutRadio show for September features a special hour-long interview with Levi Kreis, and his interviews are always a delight, this is our fifth one. And I've just done a blog post plugging the show five days ago....But got some very cool news about a special release. And I don't usually just grab from a press release, but it covers it so well:

So, you can get this very cool song X8, at the Bandcamp page, and I love that site as it allows you to contribute more than the asking price, a nice thing for people to do, for this charity. The song features UK rapper QBoy, and this is a great combo.

And, yeah, I'm not above using sexy photos of our guys to keep your attention just a bit longer. If sex sells, this is a good time...:)

Scott Free: "Happy Pride Day Moscow"

I've known Scott Free since 1999 when we met at the long-departed GLAMA Awards, in New York City. And I immediately took to his music. Here's a photo I took at that event with, left to right, Micah Barnes, Scott Free and the late Dean Johnson.

So, I've been playing his music on my shows for years, and did a comprehensive interview with him on my October 2008 Show, right after he released what I consider his masterpiece, "The Pink Album." (Translation: This is an essential queer CD, you should own a copy,, in my humble opinion)

I've always loved how political his lyrics are, and that he covers areas of our culture that others do not, and brings up much needed points and perspectives. So I was very pleased when he wrote me this week that he's recorded a brand new song, which Has Got to be the first one about the Russian anti-gay actions. And, he's done a quickie slide show video of it.

Check Out These Free Links

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Levi Kreis Talks About His New CD

Levi Kreis is one of my favorite interview guests. Over the years we've talked several times and it's always a delight. He is just so natural and even when I tease him he takes it in stride. For the interview on his new CD it was no different. I love to ask about the back stories for particular songs, and you can see from the album cover, well, he's probably not all that shy. His inspiration this time goes back to the music he loved in the 1970's and 1980's. And I could sure hear those influences when listening. I gave him a whole hour this time so I hope you check it out, here.

And, visit his website