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Friday, February 5, 2016

Jack Elliott's Gay 45


Some of you may have heard of Ramblin' Jack Elliott, shown above, who has been a prolific recording artist since the 1950's, winning Grammy Awards in 1995 and 2009. I'll let Wiki go into a lengthy bio, or those with interest can visit his own website.

Well, This is a Different Jack Elliott, with a minor career and a few 45s on minor labels in the 70s & 80s.

And THIS Jack Elliott
in 1979 he had a "gay" song? ...or at least one about gender confusion?

This was actually not a rare theme in country music, as I can easily
point out several songs that used that twist:

Richard Thompson - Woman or a Man (1982)
Michael Doucet - Woman or a Man (1987)
Rodney Carrington - Dancing With A Man (1998)

and you can hear all of those and more on a QMH show I did
about homophobia in country music, in April 2005.


Trivia: If you are questioning if "Jack Elliott" is the same artist as
"Ramblin' Jack Elliott," so was I. And I was thinking it is as
I was able to find an image of another 45 on the same label, see image below.
But I believe I was wrong.

I no longer think this, a country music expert
says the voice is all wrong and "Ramblin" was never on this label,
was only on large labels. Not sure how the labeling happened;
an error or an outright attempt to get sales for a very low
profile guy with the same name.