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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jenni Dale Lord - Good Country

My QMH show for April will be a four-hour visit to recent Country Music released by LGBT artists, but I just cannot wait to share this artist with you. I think the new album by Jenni Dale Lord is outstanding. She recently moved back to Lubbock, Texas, after ten years in Austin, which makes me a bit sad, as now it will be much harder to get a chance to see her perform live. But the album I hope will travel far.  It's beautifully written, sung and produced'll find no "filler" on this CD, and I'm hard pressed to pick favorites. But of course you knew I would single out some I especially like. One I'm including in my April show can be heard in the video below, at the OutLander Festival, at SXSW, just a couple weeks ago. I think it's one of her better uptempo songs, and is simply called "That Song."

And, for a more intimate performance, I recommend "Getting Better"

And I would also single out "A New Me" and the perfect country song, "Willie."

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