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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Teddy Boys - He Only Goes Out With Boys

I have no reason to think this Canadian band is gay, but it's in my collection for one reason only: the 1980 LP includes the infectious track "He Only Goes Out With Boys." And while they certainly do not look the part on what is, I think, their only release, their name is a nod to the Teddy Boys subculture of 1950's & 1960's UK. Those 60's Teddy Boys were all about dressing up and slicking their hair back, per the photo below.

Per the liner notes the LP's music was from a stage musical, 
but google doesn't seem to know much about them.

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  1. From the Canadian Pop Encyclopedia:
    Paul Asgeirson (guitar, vocals), Steve Marian (guitar, vocals), George Marian (keyboards, vocals), Steve Ostick (bass) and Julian Bernas (drums).

    "The Teddy Boys were a short-lived New Wave act from Winnipeg, Manitoba who had one album on WEA Records, 'On Air', which spawned the hit single "He Only Goes Out With The Boys" and the less successful "1,2,3,4 (Love Affair)" before changing their name to Berlin.

    Following the release of Berlin's 'Young Warrior' LP in 1982, the band wound up embroiled and a well publicized lawsuit with the American act of the same name. After years of wrangling, the Canadian act folded due to their heavy legal debt."