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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer Osborne - Singer Extraordinaire


I recently got to see Summer Osborne perform at a house concert in Houston, and, yup, her sheer talent captured me. It appears she can sing about any style she chooses, and sing it well. She is quite prolific, releasing seven CDs since 2005 (and one on the way this summer), so I have been able to watch her growth as an artist. And she got my attention right away, by including a song titled "I'm a Lesbian" on her first release does get my notice, and I love it. 

But I didn't get to see her live until last month, and highly recommend you do not pass up an opportunity to do so. I'll give you one example. Now, I am kind of a purist when it comes to the Etta James recording of "At Last." I've often said there should be a law that no one else should be allowed to record it; Etta James owns that song. But I heard Summer do a version live and, geez, I went up afterwards and gushed that she needed to record it. The cliche is that she "made it her own," but here it fit. Below, is her video of "Just Be," from her 2011 disc "With Love."

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